Dynamic vs. Static Business Processes: 4 Differences

March 14 2018 | by Arun Rangamani and Subha Vaidyanathan in Health Analytics

Healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations typically stay inside well-defined boxes when trying to get work done. So, if there is an established 18-step work process, the goal is to have staff members follow these steps to the letter. With this “static” approach in place, BPO organizations will typically achieve a positive outcome of about 70%. So, a “C” grade – which is typically good enough to pass but nothing to brag about.

Poll Results: Who is the Risk Adjustment star?

February 22 2018 | by SCIO Health Analytics in Risk Adjustment

During a recent webinar titled “The Risk Adjustment Rallying Cry,” Tom Peterson, SVP, Risk Adjustment, SCIO Health Analytics, addressed the overall importance of risk adjustment.

Poll Results: Predicting the Potential of Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

February 14 2018 | by SCIO Health Analytics in Life Sciences

During a recent webinar entitled “Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics,” SCIO experts explained how life sciences companies could leverage data analytics to gain a competitive advantage by getting a handle on what could happen in the future.

Stretching Beyond The Data Comfort Zone

February 07 2018 | by SCIO Health Analytics in Population Health

During a webinar titled “Is Your Data and Risk Strategy Enabling You to Take on Risk Contracts?” SCIO’s experts explored how healthcare organizations can go beyond simply relying on claims data – and tap into a broad array of data sources to gather insights on patients and members.




Arun Rangamani
SVP, Care Optimization and SCIOXpert Services

Ben Steverman
Chief Technology Officer

David Hom
Chief Evangelist

Dr. Kevin Keck
Chief Medical Officer

Eileen Cianciolo
Chief Product Officer

Jen Cressman
Vice President, Professional Services

John Pagliuca
Vice President, Life Sciences

Jonathan Niloff, MD (Guest Author)
President, Niloff Healthcare Strategies, LLC

Lalithya Yerramilli
Vice President, Analytics

Lesli Adams, MPA (Guest Author)
Director of Population Health Strategy, Oracle Corporation

Leslie Strader
Project Manager

Mark Feeney
Life Sciences Consultant

Nayfe Faillace
Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

Nicole Cormier
Senior Manager, Home Health

Rachel Hall
Senior Business Analyst

Rena Bielinski
SVP, Strategic Accounts

Rodger Smith
SVP, Payment Integrity

Rose Higgins
President, North America

Subha Vaidyanathan
VP, Technology and Data Management

Taryn Bevilacqua
Compliance Director

Tom Peterson
SVP, Risk Adjustment


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