Key Levers to Manage the “Risk” in Your Risk-Based Contracts

Webinar Recording

This webinar discussed key levers providers can use to mitigate and effectively manage the risk facing their organizations. Attendees heard Scripps Health Plan Services discuss their strategy to mitigate risk across their organization by focusing on key documentation and coding best practices. The Scripps strategy is highly focused around quality outcomes for the patients and members they serve and incorporate quality-focused initiatives that improve health outcomes and ultimately, financial success.

During this webinar, participants:

  • Learnt how focusing on key areas of your business can drive success with risk-based contracts
  • Understood how comprehensive risk adjustment strategies can support quality outcomes, cost reductions and optimized revenue
  • Learnt how Scripps Health Plan's approach to ensuring patient quality is driving accuracy and visibility for expected and actual CMS payments
  • Understood the importance of managing provider performance and network leakage to risk-bearing organizations


Rose Higgins, President, SCIO Healthcare Analytics

Linda Pantovic, Director Compliance & Risk Adjustment, Scripps Health Plan Services

Held on: February 15, 2018