Life Sciences organizations are diverse in so many ways. Yet all life sciences organizations share one (of many) common goals – COMMERCIAL EXCELLENCE. For Life Sciences organizations, reaching this goal is often fraught with challenges and needs.

  • Commercial systems and data are rarely thoroughly integrated.
  • Data is often “pushed” to the commercial team, lacking any actionable insights.
  • Insights that are made available often reflect what happened, not what may happen and what to do next.

In addition, knowledge on accounts, customers, products, medical information, and analytics is not readily available or easily accessible to the commercial teams. There is also a pressing need to enhance internal team collaboration and cross-functional cooperation among Sales, Marketing, Managed Care Strategists, and Brand Management teams through more modern approaches.

Beyond Business Intelligence

By transforming data into meaningful insights, SCIO® can help drive commercial success in a changing healthcare environment. We provide a range of solutions for the global Life Sciences industry – from Business Intelligence to innovative advanced analytics.

SCIO’s Life Sciences solutions take business intelligence to the next level. By transforming data into meaningful insights, SCIO® can help drive commercial success in a changing healthcare environment. Combining the cost benefits of a single, harmonized data infrastructure with innovative commercial and patient-centric data analytics tools and capabilities, SCIO® can deliver both data certainty and personalized insights for users across your business.

Commercial Excellence Solutions for Life Sciences

Intelligent Data: Integrated Data Management and Insights Platforms


Designed for Life Sciences and supported by a team of data specialists, SCIOIntelligence™ provides unprecedented insights into disparate data sources, across multiple devices delivered within a SaaS model. It’s a flexible, scalable and secure platform that supports the changing needs of your business.



SCIOHub™ is a visionary insights platform that brings new meaning to life sciences data and helps drive commercial excellence.


Sales Force Effectiveness: Incentive Compensation


SCIOComp™ consolidates key incentive compensation components into a single integrated online portal including target setting, plan template integration, bonus calculation, alerts, notifications and a comprehensive audit trail. Designed to drive motivation and reward through a range of processes, addressing incentive compensation real-world needs common between country affiliates and regional HQ.


Shaper Insights: Advanced Analytics

SCIOXpert™ Commercial Analytics

Our team of data specialists create solutions tailored to your needs, providing commercial organizations with insights needed to make better informed decisions and drive commercial success.