Health Plans

With the rising cost of healthcare and the evolving shift to value-based care, payers are looking for ways to optimize healthcare reimbursement. The need for new and strengthened capabilities to engage members, optimize risk adjustment and quality, enhance provider and network efficiency, prevent fraud waste and abuse and contain costs is more critical than ever. To succeed plans need to bring together fragmented data and collaborate with providers to facilitate a member-centered delivery model.

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  • Rising cost of healthcare and drug spend, with nearly $100 billion lost in overpayment of healthcare claims
  • Shortage of resources to handle claims, audits and prompt payment policies
  • Overpayments due to multiple submissions of drug claims under medical and pharmacy claims
  • Maintaining accurate risk scores to ensure reimbursement is commensurate with expected costs
  • Meeting HEDIS/Stars/P4P quality metrics
  • Understanding physician referral patterns and network leakage

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