5 Ways to Use Data for Advanced Analysis

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how SCIO is helping healthcare organizations integrate advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics into their daily operations in order to heighten clinical and financial outcomes.

This webinar will focus on demonstrating 5 ways to use data for advanced analysis, including:

  • Identifying where clinical & financial risks exists
  • Revealing where you can make the most impact
  • Avoiding unnecessary costly procedures
  • Segmenting patients/members for effective care management programs
  • Identifying optimal interventions

Attendees will have a chance to see real analytic outputs and insights from each of the key areas for analysis above.

This interactive webinar is geared toward healthcare professionals who are interested in learning more about going beyond traditional analytics and looking at opportunities to incorporate advanced models for increased insights and outcomes.


Eileen Cianciolo, Chief Product Officer

Eileen brings her 25 years of experience in the health care industry, including leadership roles in product management, product development, and operations to SCIO.

Prior to joining SCIO, Eileen held the role of Chief Product Officer at StayWell, a leading healthcare content and engagement company. As the CPO, Eileen led product innovation, management and development. Eileen has held senior leadership positions with Anvita Health (now Humana), an industry-leading health care analytics company and Alere (now Optum Health), an industry leading care and wellness company, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She holds a master’s degree in finance and financial management services and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business management from Walsh College in Michigan. As CPO, Eileen leads SCIO’s product and service strategy.

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