How to Implement a cost-effective life sciences BI system for a new product launch – at lightning speed!

Life sciences companies preparing to launch a new product into the market already have their hands full – dealing with the FDA, market messaging, sales force sizing and training, to say the least. Developing a business intelligence system to integrate and manage clinical and market data and to disseminate actionable insights across the commercial team is another significant deliverable. But it does not need to be overwhelming. SCIO Health Analytics can help.

Join our webinar to learn how to:

Tame your Data:

  • Integrate your fragmented, dynamic and complex commercial, clinical and patient-centric data and get it under control.
  • Develop a cost-effective solution that delivers to your business users the analytic tools they need to respond to a changing market.
  • Deliver commercial life sciences data as a strategic business asset, providing users with insights they can act on.

Ensure effective collaboration:

  • Connect, engage and inspire your teams to work smarter together across roles and locations.
  • Make sales conversations more qualified and relevant with the power of social media concepts.
  • Quickly respond to new business challenges by breaking down organizational silos while staying compliant.

Leverage SCIO’s Expertise:

  • Rapidly deliver a scalable, quality-controlled, reliable solution for your entire commercial team – by mapping your data to SCIO’s proven, standardized data model.
  • Benefit from a mature, tested, robust data integration platform built specifically for life sciences data rules and nuances.
  • Avoid a lengthy and costly analysis and customization stage, leveraging our experience and proven data model, ensuring the right 80%/20% is delivered.
  • Achieve seamless integration with 3rd party data providers, business intelligence tools and CRM platforms, such as Veeva.
  • Access personalized dashboards and reports that provide accurate and relevant insights tailored to users’ precise needs through multiple devices.

We look forward to your attendance!


John Pagliuca, Vice President, Life Sciences

Mark Feeney, Solution Design Consultant

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