A Microsoft-award winning, powerful data integration, analysis and reporting platform.

SCIOIntelligence is a Microsoft award-winning, cloud-based, powerful data integration platform, developed to bring together complex commercial life sciences data from any source. The solution is designed for ultimate levels of flexibility and scale, and is provided to clients on a fully serviced, Software-as-a-Service basis.

SCIOIntelligence delivers an unrivalled combination of technological elegance, tightly integrated data, maximum impact reporting and insights, coupled with superior service levels. With the flexibility of self-service reports and analytics, it is designed to scale and adapt as your business changes.

By employing a combination of design patterns and components that encapsulate architectural standards and best practice for data design, management and integration, we can achieve consistency, quality, speed and scalability, while remaining cost effective.

The Enterprise edition accommodates the nuances and complexities of larger markets by customizing the underlying data model and associated business rules bespoke to individual countries, while still taking advantage of the SCIOIntelligence platform to maximize cost effectiveness and speed.

Leveraging the core platform of SCIOIntelligence, the Focus edition is a standardized, affordable BI solution for small- to medium-sized markets, bringing 80% of the value with 20% of the effort required for full customization. Client’s commercial data is mapped to the SCIOIntelligenceFocus extensive standard data model, built on decades of Life Sciences experience. The underlying BI infrastructure is deployed within the Cloud for a rapidly delivered, scalable, quality-controlled, reliable, and, most importantly, cost-effective solution. With SCIOIntelligenceFocus, users have access to personalized reports based on aggregated commercial data, all at the touch of a button and accessible via multiple devices.

Using either edition of SCIOIntelligence, in-combination or individually, provides the ideal platform to support a Regional or Global rollout of a commercially oriented Business Intelligence solution for Life Sciences.

Discover how to bring together fragmented sales and marketing data.

Discover how to bring together fragmented sales and marketing data.
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With SCIOIntelligence, you can:

  • Integrate and gain control of your fragmented, changing and complex commercial and patient-centric data.
  • Enable regional and national sales managers to use customized views of the data to view the overall status of sales operations and to compare the performance of individual reps, teams, offices, and regions.
  • Operate in both online and off-line modes, allowing sales reps to use it at customer sites or any other site, regardless of the quality of internet connectivity.
  • Seamlessly combine the data assets and functionality of 3rd-party data providers, business intelligence tools, and CRM platforms such as Veeva.
  • Rely on the support provided by SCIO’s specialist team that is focused solely on the needs of life sciences commercial operations, with proven experience of building in-country solutions globally and managing hundreds of pharma data sources.
  • Choose to deploy this data management and access solution in the cloud, or on premise.
  • Scale our solution as your business grows and needs change.
  • Add other SCIO solutions, such as SCIOHub, to deliver actionable insights, improve collaboration, and drive positive change and better business decisions.