SCIOXpert™ Commercial Analytics is our consultancy division designed to complement our existing products and services. The SCIOXpert™ Commercial Analytics Team will create solutions, tailored to your needs, providing valuable insights on your secondary data. We provide a range of offerings relating to commercial effectiveness with industry expertise and robust methodologies, which will equip commercial organizations with advanced insights to make better informed decisions and drive commercial success.

We believe Business Intelligence solutions need to be flexible enough to handle a wide range of markets, customers and sales activities. They also need to be cost-effective and customized to the needs of increasingly specialist commercial teams. Having enhanced insights on life sciences data enables companies to provide their sales force with the right tools to drive value and improve market access.

  • Our analytics are designed to make the most of your existing data stores, together with external sources, for ease of analysis and reporting.
  • Our team has years of experience in understanding the Life Sciences sales lifecycle, the complexity of the data and the information management issues you face.
  • Our analytical techniques, supported by statistical analysis are designed for use on an ongoing basis.
  • We provide robust analysis that is unique to your organization and matches the specific characteristics of your sales approach.

SCIO’s Advanced Analytics offerings cover the entire product life cycle:

SCIO Advanced Analytics Offerings

Discover how SCIOXpert™ Commercial Analytics drives solutions through analytics.

Discover how SCIOXpert™ Commercial Analytics drives solutions through analytics.

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Consulting Capabilities

Sales Analytics

  • Sales Incentive Plan Design: Our incentive schemes are reward and recognition processes to drive your business forward
  • Sales Incentive Target Setting: Working together, we can determine which factors should be considered in the target-setting process, providing easy-to-use territory-by-territory analysis showing ranked growth projections and sales targets, considering past performance and future growth potential
  • Account/Customer Segmentation and Targeting: Our segmentation and targeting analytics can provide you with critical insights to help focus your sales reps’ time in the most important areas as part of an effective sales management approach
  • Territory Mapping/Restructuring and Resource Deployment: We can assist you in defining and redefining your territory structures, taking into consideration the key factors including target customers and accounts and existing resource location, then mapping the ideal field force structure for your brands across the organization

Marketing Analytics

  • Demand Forecasting: Predicting future demands for in-line and pipeline products incorporating external factors that influence systematic and random demand
  • Patient-centered Analytics and Consulting: Source of business, compliance and persistence to support sales and marketing decisions
  • Multi-channel Marketing Analysis: Analyze customer interactions and total spend on each tactic to determine effectiveness of multiple touch-points
  • Marketing Mix Optimization: Determine and recommend re-allocation of current promotional mix for a brand to arrive at the optimal mix which improves returns on marketing spend
  • ROI Analysis: Determine the success rate and economic viability of your commercial activities

Strategy and Consulting

  • Market Access and Pricing: Focused on helping clients optimize the price, reimbursement and market access of their products
  • Health Economics Outcomes Research: Quantify and communicate the value, safety, efficacy, cost outcomes of your products by analyzing data

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