Intelligent Data: Integrated Data Management and Insights Platforms

Maximize the value of your commercial data.

Bring your fragmented product, market and patient data under control so your commercial teams can think globally and act locally. SCIO’s innovative data integration and reporting platform and experience-based service approach harmonize and accelerate the delivery of your business analytics capability, while providing you the best return on your IT investment.

Our cost-effective solutions are also designed to give business users access to the personalized insights they need – whenever and wherever they need it. Our platform options include a highly customized solution for larger markets and a more standardized version for smaller markets.

Users have easy access to intelligent data and essential business insights delivered through a visionary insights platform designed to connect, engage and inspire your teams to work smarter together.

Our innovative, technology-based solutions enable you to maximize the value of your commercial data.

  • Our award-winning platform is a proven data integration, analysis and reporting solution, custom built for the nuances of commercial life sciences data from any source.
  • Our solutions are supported by cutting-edge Microsoft technology and a trusted specialist team with decades of experience working with global life sciences companies.
  • We use a flexible, fully supported SaaS approach, deployed in the Cloud or on-premise, enabling faster and more cost-effective delivery of solutions that can be scaled and adapted to market changes.
  • We innovate with strategic partners such as Veeva, linking our solutions with the company’s CRM data systems, providing access to unique and actionable insights to optimize sales and marketing performance.

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Sales Force Effectiveness: Incentive Compensation

Drive motivation and reward success.

SCIOComp™ consolidates key incentive compensation components into a single integrated online portal, including target setting, plan template integration, bonus calculation, alerts, notifications and a comprehensive audit trail. Designed to drive motivation and reward through a range of processes, addressing incentive compensation real-world needs common between country affiliates and regional HQ.

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Shaper Insights: Advanced Analytics

Drive informed decisions across your organization.

SCIO delivers meaningful, personalized insights on your target healthcare providers, patient populations or commercial activities, helping you compete and succeed in a changing life sciences market. We leverage our deep industry domain, technical and analytics expertise to pinpoint precise recommendations, prescribe actions and operationalize insights.

From C-suite to in-field users, our advanced analytics tools and capabilities are used to enhance sales effectiveness, measure marketing ROI, ensure launch success, pursue market expansion opportunities, and develop managed markets strategies.

Through our advanced analytics capabilities, we can drive informed decisions and profitable action across your organization.

  • Our patient-centric behavioral analytic capabilities support your market expansion and managed markets strategies.
  • Our Patient Personas provide insights on how to improve market share by identifying undiagnosed patients at a zip-code level and increasing compliance through better patient and HCP messaging and education.
  • We leverage our extensive experience with payers to enable you to develop managed markets strategies and to build relationships with your risk- and outcomes-based partners.
  • Our sharper insights on your brands and target providers enable you to build deeper engagements with your customers.

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