SCIO Health Analytics
Big Data, Big Business: Creating the Understanding that Drives Change in Healthcare

In order to truly thrive in a value-based world, it is essential for healthcare organizations to look beyond traditional data sources and develop a greater understanding of the factors that drive their populations’ decisions. Creating and maintaining personas, or sub-groups of patients or members that share similar characteristics, should be considered a best practice for attaining these actionable insights.

Personas are constructed using a range of different data that offer a more vivid and complete picture of their corresponding population. Zip code data, attitudinal data and credit card data are a few examples of sources that shed light on the environmental, cultural and even behavioral factors that contribute to an individual’s decision-making process. Developing personas based on this information allows healthcare organizations to efficiently leverage data and design programs that migrate patients and members towards better compliance, faster.

Read E-book chapter 2 today to learn more about the personas and their role in value-based care.

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