Gaining a competitive advantage through Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Webinar Recording

Crystal balls may serve a purpose for some, but to gain a competitive advantage in the life sciences industry you need to employ advanced analytics methodologies and operationalize the insights gleaned. It’s not enough to analyze what happened. Life Sciences commercial teams also need to address such questions as, What could happen? and What should we do?

Being able to answer these questions – with confidence – can help life sciences organizations obtain that competitive edge they seek.

Learn how predictive and prescriptive methodologies turn big data into actionable insights and how these advanced analytics methodologies can help:

  • Expand new and current markets,
  • Increase patient compliance,
  • Enhance direct and indirect messaging to targeted HCPs, and
  • Develop and monitor the performance of outcomes-based contracts.


John Pagliuca, Vice President, Global Life Sciences, SCIO Health Analytics

Mark Feeney, Life Sciences Solution Consultant, SCIO Health Analytics

Held on: November 16, 2017