Great Expectations : How Impactability Analysis helps Providers fulfill the promise of Value-based Care

Webinar Recording

by Dr. Kevin Keck, Chief Medical Officer & Teresa Reuckert, Analytics Solution Design Consultant, SCIO Health Analytics®

This webinar discussed the obstacles and opportunities generated by our healthcare system’s transition to a value-based reimbursement model focused on outcomes and patient satisfaction.

In this new arrangement, successful providers are thinking differently about the ways they manage their populations. They are going beyond simply identifying their sickest patients to also understand:

  • For which patients an intervention will have a greater impact on their future outcomes
  • Which patients are more likely to positively respond to an intervention
  • Which conditions represent the biggest opportunity to improve outcomes with the least complex interventions

Armed with this information, these organizations can better allocate their resources on programs they know will yield the best results.

In this webinar, Dr. Kevin Keck and Teresa Rueckert shared their thoughts on how organizations can thrive in a value-based care model and the role actionable analytics can play in helping providers better understand their populations.