Is Your Data & Analytics Strategy Enabling You To Successfully Take On Risk Contracts?

Webinar Recording

With the current emphasis on value-based care and reimbursement, having the ability to thoroughly understand and maximize the potential of your data is a must- for both the sake of your bottom line and the well-being of your patients. Data layering is a strategic methodology that promotes the idea of using the right categories of data to derive the most meaningful insights, for the benefit of all parties involved.

In this session, industry experts Dave Hom and Teresa Rueckert identified the factors that make some data more valuable than others and explain how you can leverage those distinctions to drive better outcomes.

Some of the topics explored include:

  • Using the right data to get the right insights
  • The development of meaningful patient personas
  • A clinical perspective of analytics and value-based care


David Hom, Chief Evangelist, SCIO Health Analytics

Teresa Rueckert, Clinical Solution Consultant, SCIO Health Analytics

Held on: April 11, 2016