Enabling Advanced Analytics through Technology

Commercial data are plentiful within the pharmaceutical industry, yet still not fully leveraged. Advanced analytics models provide insights on not only what happened in the past, but what may happen in the future and what to do about it.

However, to fully realize the value that advanced analytics can bring to your organization, there are three key steps to be taken:

  • Consolidate, normalize and manage your disparate commercial data.
  • Integrate analytics into your data platform to enhance productivity and reporting.
  • Disseminate these insights to your regional or global commercial team members, maximizing collaborations and enabling sound decisions.

SCIO Health Analytics, an EXL Company, is a unique resource within the life sciences industry that allows you to take all three steps seamlessly, efficiently and effectively. SCIO offers the technology and advanced analytics modeling for you to leverage your commercial data assets, to assess predicted trends, to develop appropriate plans of action, and to share these value insights across your commercial teams.

By attending this event, you will be better prepared to:

  • Transition your commercial data from commodity to valued assets status.
  • Integrate advanced analytics into your day-to-day commercial operations.
  • Share predictive and prescriptive insights across your commercial teams, enhancing collaboration enabling the pursuit of commercial excellence.


Jon Axon, Chief Architect, Life Sciences and Christian Bracchi – Solution Delivery Practice Manager

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