A complete solution suite that simplifies care and network optimization by drawing knowledge out of data and offering a view of actionable insights.


A complete solution suite that simplifies care and network optimization by drawing knowledge out of data and offering a view of actionable insights.


The momentum towards achieving the triple aim is causing healthcare organizations to think differently about how they understand and engage with their patient/member populations. The influx of data generated by an increasingly digitized health system represents a potential gold mine of information essential to providing better care at lower costs. However, it is one thing to collect data, but another to correctly interpret and act on it.

SCIOVantage® - how does it work?

The SCIOVantage solution suite aids organizations in making better decisions by connecting disparate data sources and offering helpful views that: describe what happened, predict what will happen, and prescribe what should happen to achieve optimal results.

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  • Prioritize care gap closure based on which represent the greatest opportunity to drive clinical and financial outcomes
  • Predict and measure the ROI of intervention programs
  • Standardize care around top performers
  • Engage populations and providers with information and incentives that change behavior

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Managing Population Risk: Industry Insights Reveal Key Strategies

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Discover actionable health analytics with SCIOVantage.

SCIOVantage - Actionable Health Analytics Brochure

Core Solution Packages

SCIOVantage Inform - Descriptive Health Analytics

SCIOVantage Impact - Predictive Health Analytics

SCIOVantage Intervene - Prescriptive Health Analytics

Add-on Modules (complement the core solutions)

SCIOVantage Workflow - Engagement Program Design

SCIOVantage Notify - Timely Wellness Alerts

SCIOVantage Connect - Secure Access Portal

  • Aggregates clinical, financial, operational, and socioeconomic data
  • Uses a powerful analytics engine to create and analyze member/patient and provider profiles using SCIO’s proprietary models.
  • Actionable Dashboards that aid in better understanding and decision-making about patient/member populations and provider networks.
  • Proprietary Analytical Models developed over the past decade enable decision makers to significantly improve program effectiveness, increase payment accuracy and positively impact wellness programs.
  • Examples of these models include:
    • Impactability: A clinical risk model that uses quality measures to quantify care gap prioritization for each patient/member as well as the potential cost savings associated with gaps closure based on the probability of reductions in avoidable Inpatient and ER visits.
    • Intervenability: This model considers individual preferences and socio economic data to identifying patients/members who are willing/able to complete intervention programs to ensure these programs are effective.
    • Incentive Optimization: Specific recommendations on how to use incentives to promote the high-value services that will generate the greatest financial savings and clinical improvement.

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Key Product Features