Outcomes-based Contracts between Pharma and Payers: Preparing for the Future, Now!

Webinar Recording

In this session, John Pagliuca, Vice President, Life Sciences presented on outcomes/value-based contracting between these key healthcare stakeholders, the drivers behind it, and how it benefits biopharma, payers and patients. He will also explain how SCIO Health Analytics, given its practical experiences with both payers and life sciences companies, is the engine that can help drive the decisions, applications, and tracking of outcomes-based contracts, including the monitoring of patient outcomes over time.

This session addressed questions such as:

  • What are outcomes-, risk-, or value-based contracting and what is driving this?
  • How does it benefit biopharma, payers and patients?
  • How can these patient-centric analytics benefit other functional areas of my organization?
  • What metrics are critical to develop then monitor the performance of these contracts?


John Pagliuca, Vice President, Life Sciences

Held on: September 28, 2017