Payer-Provider Convergence: Using Data to Strengthen Partnerships & Drive Outcomes

Webinar Recording

We see payers and providers moving closer and closer together in order reach their common goals around achieving value-based outcomes as financial risk has been shifted by CMS and by the Health plans through value based payment models. They are realizing that in order to have a complete view of healthcare costs, they must expand their access to data - claims, clinical and now social economic data to name a few. In order to achieve greater data reach and insights around both the patient and physician, payers and providers are seeing value in joining forces to share data and collaborate on improving health outcomes.

This session covered:

  • Updates on the shift toward and value of payer-provider collaboration.
  • How data plays a critical role in payer-provider partnerships.
  • Review real uses cases for leverages data and analytics to drive value-based outcomes.


Dave Hom, Chief Evangelist, SCIO Health Analytics

Lesli Adams, Director, Population Health Strategy, Oracle Corporation

Held on: June 13, 2017