How Patient Personas can drive Market Expansion for Pharma

Webinar Recording

The pharmaceutical industry is losing hundreds of billions of dollars each year due to patient non-adherence. It continuously searches for new tools, insights, assets that will expand new and current markets and while closing the gap of patient non-compliance.

SCIO Health Analytics offers such a unique asset that combines the values of medical and prescription claims, socioeconomic, and patient behavioral data. With SCIO’s Patient Personas, pharma manufacturers have access to a new tool to penetrate new markets and to grow existing ones.

You will learn how SCIO’s Patient Personas can help you to:

  • Gain insights on how to increase compliance through better patient and HCP messaging and education.
  • Identify undiagnosed patients at a zip/post-code level, thereby expanding market opportunities not only for your company but for your targeted healthcare professionals (HCPs) as well.
  • Assess patients’ risk and impactability scores.


John Pagliuca, Vice President, Life Sciences

Mark Feeney, Life Sciences Solution Consultant

Held on: May 24, 2018