The Risk Adjustment Rallying Cry

Webinar Recording

In healthcare there are a few programs that become so fundamental to an organization that they impact just about every team. In the most successful organizations we work with, risk adjustment is one of those uniting programs. Clearly, roles involved in capturing HCC codes used in risk adjustment factor scoring have a vested interest, but they are not alone. In the finance department, knowing what reimbursement amounts to expect is critical to managing the business. Quality teams use many of the same tactics as their risk adjustment peers to close care gaps so aligning efforts creates multiple efficiencies. Patients also appreciate the coordinated approach of their care teams that minimizes office visits and maximizes the quality of care they receive.

In this webinar, Tom Peterson, SVP, Risk Adjustment, SCIO Health Analytics, discussed how organizations can use risk adjustment programs to rally teams across the organization to work towards their tangentially aligned goals more efficiently. We’ll outline how to design a program that meets the needs of risk adjustment, finance, and quality departments, share best practices and real world examples.


Tom Peterson, SVP, Risk Adjustment, SCIO Health Analytics

Held on: November 30, 2017