Rowing Together: Fostering Payer-Provider Collaboration to Improve Risk Adjustment & Quality Programs

Webinar Recording

Improving risk adjustment data documentation and HEDIS/Star Rating measures benefits all parties involved: payers, providers, and ultimately members. Unfortunately, while the shift towards value-based care has increasingly aligned incentives for payers and providers, many still struggle to think of each other as teammates. If both sides are in agreement that their members/patients deserve efficient, high quality care, why is there a disconnect?

This session covered the critical elements needed to foster an effective partnership, including:

  • Developing sustainable risk adjustment and quality programs
  • Prioritizing score improvements based on your specific populations to optimize results
  • Streamlining tactics to reduce provider abrasion
  • Sharing data to drive behavior changes


Tom Peterson , Senior Vice President, SCIO Health Analytics

Rachel Hall , Business Analyst, SCIO Health Analytics

Held on: April 13, 2017